air springs

premium class

For truck

The air spring for truck is a decision which is used for replacement of a traditional spring suspender as an alternative to elastic metal elements.

The design of such spring represents a tight sleeve from the special reinforced rubber in which it is placed the absorber.

Mode of functioning of springs is based on the return effect of compressed air as a result of the freight pressure upon them. This size depends on the volume of the air pumped in a spring and an internal pressure. Under pressure of freight the spring contracts and comes back to a neutral state.

The Aignerr company exhausts air springs for a cabin suspender (A) and auto truck suspenders in general (B).


Springs of a suspender of the truck happen a different design. They can have in the design the built-in top plate and the lower base known as the bucket, or to beat without the top and lower metal elements. In this case the top and lower metal elements are mounted on the vehicle chassis.

Using air springs of a suspender the car swing decreases, its tires are maintained contact with the road, thereby improving roadability and smoothness of the course of the car.

Also at the same time much important there is a fact of improvement of safety and comfort of the truck driver.